Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Riding’s was originally a boys’ boarding House, changing to a day House for boys in 1991. Perhaps one of the most exciting changes in the past 30 years however, has been that it is now a girls’ day House. This is enormously positive for the Foundation and exemplifies the success of girls at Aldenham.

As a Day House, there is nobody who actually lives in the House. However, Miss Jones, the Housemistress has a study and sitting room where girls can arrange to see her. The House also has a large communal area, separate Year group rooms and its own kitchen.

The many House events instil a wonderful camaraderie, ensuring that the girls form lots of happy memories of their time at Aldenham, and friendships which will last a lifetime. They leave with the House colours, blue and black, running through their veins! The annual House Supper is always a highlight at the end of the Christmas term, when the girls come together to celebrate a successful first term. Many other events, including the House Music competition and pizza nights, encourage further bonding between the girls.

Everyone gets to represent the School or House in one way or another, whether through sport or academia. Riding’s is high achieving; they are the current winners of the Girls’ Shield. The girls are encouraged to find a good balance to work hard and take part in a range of extracurricular activities.

Miss Jones’ vision for the House is a consistent approach to education, pastoral care and an exploration of all avenues to find a pupil’s strengths and identity. Every success and everyone’s individuality is celebrated. The older girls are encouraged to be nurturing of the younger girls. Riding’s girls are happy, motivated to succeed and all have the opportunity to reach their potential. It is a House full of laughter, celebration and happiness.

House Information

  • Founded 1991
  • House Colours: Blue/Black
  • Housemistress: Miss Jones

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Aldenham Foundation