Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Forward Thinking

One of the key tasks in any educational establishment is to ensure that the children are being effectively prepared for adult life. This may involve exposing pupils to events such as traditional formal dinners, with training in etiquette. However, in a world of fast moving technology, preparing pupils for the world of today is not enough. We need to prepare children to cope with a world which does not yet even exist. This is quite a challenge, but one which Aldenham relishes.

Aldenham teaching staff regularly meet and train in methods which will ensure the best performance from the pupils. This does not just mean making sure that the teachers deliver the content effectively. It means that the pupils need to be taught how to learn.

In the Teach Meet breakfast clubs and 'Teach Meets', teachers from across the Aldenham Foundation and beyond meet and share good practice to keep everybody sharp and prevent any staleness creeping in. There is always a clear focus on 'pupil learning', and the vibrant and dynamic approaches shared here are regularly tested and trialled in the classrooms to push for progress.

Aldenham embraces modern technology wherever it can enhance the educational environment and the learning or opportunities of the children. This can be seen in such varied locations as the fully equipped recording studio in the Music Department and the Music Technology suite complete with 21 iMacs, to the brain scanner in the Psychology classroom and the 3D printer in Design Technology.

However, a recent change in focus at Aldenham from Information Technology (learning about currently existing software packages) to Computer Science (learning how to actually write software packages) is a good example of how Aldenham aims to prepare pupils for learning in a fast changing world.

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