Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Kennedy's, albeit that it is the newest of the Senior Boarding Houses, nevertheless boasts a proud legacy. The House is named after John Kennedy who was largely responsible for the construction of the school as it is today. On July 17th, 1876, John Kennedy was elected to the Headmastership. This action has been described as “The best day's work that was ever done for Aldenham School”.

In 1899 John Kennedy resigned after twenty-three years as Headmaster, having increased the numbers of the school from 47 pupils to nearly 200. He also had a sanatorium, new classrooms, chapel, laboratory, gymnasium and dining hall built, as well as McGill's and Beevor's and the school clock. It is almost impossible to estimate the debt that the school owes to him. He found the school small and disorderly and he left it nearly four times as large and with a reputation for character and education of which any school might be proud. The Minute Book of Governors justly says of him: “His invaluable services and unselfish devotion have raised the school to its present high standard”.

John Kennedy's son was also a Housemaster at Aldenham and in 1962 Kennedy's House was opened as the newest of the Senior Houses. In that time there have been eight Housemasters, the current Housemaster being James Kerslake who resides in the House with his family. Mr Kerslake is assisted in the House by a matron, resident Assistant Housemaster and by an outstanding team of tutors.

The House caters for both boarding and day pupils with the composition of the House being approximately half of each. Boarders come from near and far with some boys coming from as far away as China, Japan, Germany and Russia. The facilities in the House are excellent and the boys can enjoy many of the creature comforts of home with a pool table, table-tennis, air hockey table, table tennis, table football, Sky and X-Box.

There are also excellent computer facilities with nine computers and two printers in the House as well as Skype and wireless access for those with laptops. Typical events organised are beer tasting, wine and cheese tasting and the House Supper where an exceptional magician is booked to perform a magic show for the boys.

Although one of the smallest Houses in the school Kennedy's has enjoyed great success and has won the greatly coveted House Shield several times. Mr Kerslake bases the House's success on the philosophy that every boy in the House has a contribution to make and encourages everyone to be involved so that they can enjoy the success that one another achieves.

Kennedy's prides itself on being a true all-rounder House. Academic excellence is pursued but more important is the emphasis that every boy in the House gives of his best effort so that he is able to reach his potential during his time at Aldenham. Beyond academia, Kennedians also enjoy success in sport, music and drama. Emphasis is placed on pride in the orange and black tie, the need to work hard to achieve and the need to demonstrate resilience to move forward.

The House also owes much to its team of tutors who are there to support and monitor the boys' academic progress. They will be the first to address the boys about any concerns that may have arisen and are there to support them in any way that they can so that the experience of Aldenham is an enjoyable and productive one.

House Information

  • Founded 1962
  • House Colours: Orange/Black
  • Housemaster: Mr Kerslake

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