Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Woodrow’s House

Woodrow’s House is a Day House for girls and boys in Year 7 and 8. It is one of two Junior Houses at Aldenham. There are four tutor groups in the House: Beck, Collier, Foster and Neale. Woodrow’s operates a vertical tutoring system, so there are Year 7 and 8 pupils in every tutor group. This allows the Year 8 pupils to support those who are new to the school, acting as a buddy and source of support.

There are three key House competitions. The first is the House Shield, which the 8 Junior Houses compete for (4 Woodrow’s tutor groups and 4 Martineau’s tutor groups). The second is the Junior Bowl which is between Woodrow’s and Martineau’s. The final competition is the Girls’ Shield between Woodrow’s and Martineau’s.

Junior pupils have three Activities slots per week, with a double slot on a Tuesday and Wednesday, and a single slot on a Thursday. As part of this programme they can enjoy a wide-range of different activities, with some of the most popular including cookery, dance, drama, robotics and climbing.

There are two House trips each year. In September Year 7 currently go to a PGL centre in Surrey for a multi-activity and group bonding trip. In June Year 8 currently go for a water sports and Thorpe Park day trip.

Pupils in Woodrow’s can earn their house tie for their contributions to the House and the school. This is usually for consistent contributions in several different areas of House and school life although they can, exceptionally, be awarded for one outstanding contribution. They are awarded at the discretion of the Housemistress, with input from the Assistant and house tutors. This is a prized achievement and ties are awarded at the end of the Christmas, Lent and Summer term.

The Five-A-Award recognises the virtues displayed by a young person who is a valued member of Woodrow’s, the school and the wider community. The five virtues are:

Attitude, Attentiveness, Appearance, Assertion and Associations.

Throughout your time in Woodrow’s your tutor, Miss Brewer and Miss Grange will be monitoring you and looking for sustained evidence of these qualities. At least once per term the Woodrow’s staff team will meet to discuss your progress and, following careful consideration, you may be deemed worthy of recognition in one or more of these five areas. For pupils who are identified as worthy in all five categories there will be a gold lapel badge awarded to signify that you have conducted yourself with distinction in Woodrow’s.

House Information

  • Founded 2020
  • House Colours: Navy / Burgundy
  • Housemistress: Miss Brewer

Part of the
Aldenham Foundation