Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Activities Programme

Pupils can learn a new skill or develop an existing one from an extensive activities programme of more than 50 options; often something that would not usually be included within the curriculum.

There is something for everyone, whether sporting, artistic, musical or academic. For those in Years 10 and above undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh programme, many of the activities fulfil the skills, physical and volunteering sections. Pupils may opt for activities on a termly basis although we also encourage the development of skills over a longer period of time as well as offering the chance to experience a variety of new pursuits and challenges. Rehearsals for the school drama and dance productions take place in activity time, as do choir and orchestra rehearsals. There is also a bell ringing activity at Aldenham Church.

The CCF (Army & RAF sections) is available to all students in Year 9 and above and pupils will stay with this activity for a minimum of one year, although many continue with it right thorough to Year 13. 

Sporting activities include Fives, climbing, squash, gym, sailing and golf as well as pre-season training for team players. Sixth Formers can also volunteer for community service such as helping in the Prep school or a charity shop, or hosting teas for elderly people.

The School provides an excellent range of extra-curricular activities. It is justifiably proud of its sporting activities which are a major strength."
ISI Inspectorate

Sixth Form
Year 13 pupils are encouraged to get involved in the Activities programme, often in a leadership role, but importantly in this year they also have the option of private study or an early leave from school. Year 12 activities have a theme of service to the community. Pupils can choose from options including visiting local elderly residents, entertaining a group of visitors to the School, working in our Prep School or with local young people who have learning difficulties, or doing voluntary work on site. The aim is to accustom pupils to taking on responsibility for other people or the community’s welfare as well as for themselves.

Years 9, 10 and 11
For these year groups, activities are designed to allow pupils to pursue a sporting or other activity which may be new to them or which is not available at other times in the School programme. Many of the options can be used as components in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme. Pupils tend to pursue a different activity each term but can choose to remain with one for longer. The CCF (Army & RAF sections) is available to all students in Year 9 and above.

Years 7 and 8
The emphasis at this age is to introduce the pupils to new activities in a fun environment or to accelerate their learning of new sporting interests, such as Fives, hockey, cricket and netball.

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