Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Martineau’s House is one of two Junior Houses for boys and girls in Year 7 and 8, and it also offers boarding. We have a four form entry of approximately 22 per class making it around 88 pupils in each House. There are places for 25 Martineau's girls and boys to board in the House from Monday - Friday.

While the pupils have lessons all around the school, Martineau’s is their pastoral base and they also tend to spend break and lunch times here. There is always supervision at the break times and while Martineau’s is a step up from prep/primary school it is still a more protected environment before the pupils enter the Senior Houses at Year 9.

Martineau’s House is divided into four House tutor groups: Elliott,  Griffin, Mason and Swayne. There are House competitions between the groups in various sports & activities, which enhance the spirit within the House. Each House tutor group has a Year 8 Captain and Vice Captain and we have an overall Martineau’s Head Girl and Head Boy.

An Activity programme is run specifically for Year 7 & 8 which is wide ranging. On one day there is a carousel of activities and on the other pupils can opt for activities such as art, basketball, chess, dance, choir and trampolining. Supervised prep is also an option which many do once a week to keep on top of their work. There are two House trips each year. In September Year 7 currently go to a PGL centre in Surrey for a multi-activity and group bonding trip. In June Year 8 currently go for a water sports and Thorpe Park day trip.

House Information

  • Founded 1993
  • House Colours: Green/Navy
  • Housemistress: Mrs Gall

Part of the
Aldenham Foundation