Aldenham School, Founded 1597


McGill's is one of the six senior Houses and is home to around 80 boys aged between 13 and 18, half of whom board in the House. Opened in 1887 as the first ‘new' boarding House to accommodate the increasing student numbers, the first Housemaster was Mr McGill, a talented artist, a learned naturalist and one of the outstanding schoolmasters of his day, serving Aldenham for 32 years.

The current Housemaster, Mr Yeabsley lives in the House with his wife and seven children. There are also two Resident Tutors, Mr Stewart and Mr Breeze.

Many of the rooms in the House retain their original names such as the Upper and Lower. Boys still change for games in the Chags. Some rooms have been named after eminent McGillians so you might find yourself sleeping in Bell or Devlin!

The House is run by the Housemaster and his wife together with resident tutors, non-resident tutors and a full time matron. We also have a domestic staff team of three who keep the House clean and tidy against impossible odds of 80 teenagers! Many changes have been made over recent years; spartan large fourteen-bed dormitories have been down-sized to provide study bedrooms and small dormitories, and the large communal bathrooms have been modernised. The House has excellent facilities, including an IT room, plus wireless internet access around the House, a snooker room, table tennis, table football, games console room, surround sound cinema screen and the largest television on campus complete with SKY+ and Blu-ray Player.

We have a House Blog – the McGillian, which is produced by the boys as an ongoing record of each year. Not only do boys enjoy contributing, it gets a large number of hits from old boys who are still passionately interested in how their House is doing. Naturally, they are delighted to hear that McGill's is the envy of other Houses, winning the coveted House Shield for the last two years and being the first and only House to do the 'double' by winning both the boys' shield and the 'Brewers' Bowl' competition in the same year.

On the sports field, on the stage, in the Chapel, in the Music School and in the classroom, the boys from McGill's take a full part in the life of the School. McGill's is known for its record in Music and Drama competitions where it has set the standard. However, House teams also regularly win numerous other academic and sporting competitions. Boys in the House aspire to earn their House Honours Tie by contributing actively to the life of the House and through giving their all in inter-House competitions. Senior boys are encouraged and given the opportunity to take on leadership roles. A number of boys in the Sixth Form are selected to be House Praeposters and this team is led by the House Captain, who is also a School Prae.

The ethos in the House is that of gentlemanly conduct at all times. We are proud of this. The House lives up to its motto of ‘Aspire and Achieve – Nurture and Develop'. McGill's is essentially a large family and we hope that all who are part of it or visit for even a brief time can feel the welcome that comes from such a vibrant and positive group of people.

House Information

  • Founded 1887
  • House Colours: Gold/Black
  • Housemaster: Mr Yeabsley

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