Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Focus Sports

Aldenham is Passionate About Sport

Success in sport requires commitment, practice, the ability to work in a team, the ability to follow instructions, a desire to improve and a healthy respect for others. These are good characteristics and Aldenham encourages them in many areas of school life.

At Aldenham, all students have the opportunity and are actively encouraged to take part in a number of sporting activities throughout each week. Some will represent the school in competition with other schools and in county  or national cups. Others will represent their Houses in competition with other Houses (with equal passion).

The Focus Sports are the main competitive sports for boys and girls in each term. The sports have extended fixture lists and dedicated coaching programmes aiming not only to take the school teams to victory, but to find, support and develop future professional sportsmen and women in these disciplines.

The Minor Sports range from purely recreational offerings in school (such as Volleyball), to those played in House competitions (such as Squash and Badminton) and still others where competition is also arranged against other schools (such as Tennis and Fives). Pupils in these sports can still access quality coaching and support, and Aldenham often performs at a high level in competitions in such disciplines (such as Tennis and Golf), but it must be recognised that this is not the focus.

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