Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Beevor’s is one of the six senior Houses and is home to around 90 boys of whom 45 are boarders. The House was opened in 1895, a second ‘new’ boarding House to accommodate the increasing numbers of boys. The first Housemaster was Mr Beevor after whom the House is named. The House has been fully upgraded to conform with modern boarding standards and practises. This means reduced numbers of boys per room, fully isolated bathroom facilities and designed to provide a better 'home from home' feel.

Everyone in Beevor’s wants the House to be the best in the School. There is a tradition of great House spirit here. You should be proud to be a member of the House. There are two rules to keep in mind above all: 

The House Motto

The Beevor’s Motto is the Latin phrase ‘Qui Fortiter Persequitur’ which roughly translated means ‘who strives valiantly’. It is taken from a famous speech by US President Theodore Roosevelt, commonly known as the ‘Man in the Arena’ speech. In this speech Roosevelt’s main point was that it is better to try and fail than not to try at all. The credit belongs, he says, to the doer of deeds, who strives valiantly; not to the cynic who criticises. This is absolutely what we in Beevor’s believe in.

House Praes

These are senior boys in the House who are responsible for looking after you and helping the House staff with the day-to-day running of the House. You should do what they ask when organising you and you can take problems to them. They are the only pupils in the House who have the Housemaster’s permission to give you a punishment. This may be a written punishment or some community service.

House Supper

This is a formal Christmas Supper right at the end of the Christmas Term. It takes place in the Games Room – incredibly up to 80 people cram in there and have a great, festive night. All members of the House, and guests, drink a toast to Mr Beevor, who looks down on everyone from the painting above the pool table. It also includes a “House Rec” in which each year group will do a sketch or a joke-type performance to amuse the rest of the House and guests. This is an occasion to be looked forward to and it is a good idea to join in the planning and preparation of these Recs if you are asked. After the meal there are speeches by the House Captain, the Housemaster and a Visiting Speaker, followed by the Rec.

House Information

  • Founded 1895
  • House Colours: Red/Black
  • Housemaster: Mr Pennycook

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