Aldenham School, Founded 1597

What goes on?

We have a School Chaplain, Revd Tony Richardson and an Assistant School Chaplain, Revd Philip Green who are also teachers in the school. Both are centrally involved in the pastoral care and safeguarding of pupils.

Bishop Alan at Aldenham School

L to R - Revd P Green, Mrs A Hems, The Right Reverend Dr A Smith - Bishop of St Albans, Revd T Richardson

Chapel Services

We have one full school chapel service a week at the end of the day on Friday.  The service includes Christian hymns, a Bible reading and prayers including The Lord’s Prayer. There is also a talk/reflection.  The service is delivered in an inclusive way for those of all faiths and none, reflecting the broad range of beliefs in our school community.  We also welcome a broad range of visiting preachers (including leaders of other faiths).

Special Services

Christmas Carol Service: There is an annual Christmas Carol Service held in St Albans Abbey during the last week of the Christmas Term.  It is an afternoon service and all pupils and staff are expected to attend and all parents are invited to attend.

Remembrance Day Service: This is an annual school only event in the School Chapel in the morning on the Friday before Remembrance Sunday.  It is a day when we celebrate all of the many countries represented in the school community and we pray for peace and unity between nations.

Visitation Day: This is an annual school and parent event, held on the Saturday before the end of the Summer Term which starts with a Chapel Service.  Pupils, staff and parents are invited to this service, to commemorate the Founders of the school and to mark the end of the academic year. 

Holocaust Memorial Day Service: This is an annual school only event, for all pupils and staff, where we remember the Holocaust and all those who lost their lives in acts of genocide.

Chapel Chill Outs (which include non-religious meditation)

There are Chapel Chill Out sessions organised by house and year group, at lunchtime and in the evening to help the pupils manage stress effectively and to discuss coping strategies.

Morning and Evening Prayer

Every Monday morning at 7.55-8.10am there is a short service of Morning Prayer and every Friday afternoon at 4.45-5pm there is a short service of Evening Prayer as we hold the school community in prayer.

Communion Services

We hold a 20 minute lunchtime Communion Service every two weeks and a slightly longer evening Communion Service once a term.  All staff, pupils and parents are welcome to attend. 

Pastoral Care

Both Chaplains are available throughout the week to offer pastoral support in any areas such as anxiety or bereavement or any relationship issue either at school or at home. 

Diversity Discussion Groups

We have a Senior (Years 9-13) and a Junior (Years 6, 7, 8) Diversity Group to encourage inclusivity of all difference that meet once every half term. We discuss subjects like: gender identity, sexuality, faith and mental health.

Jewish Society

We meet once every half term and a speaker from UJIA JAMS (Jewish Activities in Mainstream Schools) leads a discussion on a specific subject at lunchtime.

Prayer Room

We have a dedicated prayer room, which is available for all faiths and none for independent or group prayer.


We prepare candidates for Christian Confirmation into the Church of England every Spring Term and the Confirmation Service is held at the Abbey on Easter Eve. 

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