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Terrific Junior Drama Production

This year the cast and crew of the Martineau's Production worked particularly hard to produce Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' Upon entering the auditorium the audience were immediately struck by the world that had been created before them, made even more special when Willy Wonka opened the gates to reveal the wonders within his chocolate factory. Particular thanks must go to Mr Spencer for his creativity and hard work, as the audience were wowed with set and props from start to finish.

The whole ensemble worked fantastically throughout this complicated show to create a seamlessly enjoyable evening of theatre. The Oompa Loompas looked fantastic in their matching outfits, performing their choral sections with energy and synchronisation. Similarly, the news reporters served as fantastic narrators, allowing the audience insight into the background of the Bucket's life as well as the exciting competition created by Willy Wonka!

Jackson Miller was outstanding and endearing in his role as Charlie Bucket, whilst Ben Reid wowed the audience with his vivacious, charismatic and ever so quirky performance as Willy Wonka. Frankie Manderson-Harkin, Anya Savage, Evie Tillery and Ewan Brocklesby all demonstrated the selfish and greedy natures of the other visiting children to the factory, with the audience cheering at the appearance of Violet turning Violent and Mike Teavee shrinking! Special mentions must also go to the students playing the long suffering parents of such 'brats', Katianna Charalambous, Katie Hailes, Alex Smith and Edie Sunman, and of course the loyal grandparent to the selfless Charlie, Tom Cushion as Grandpa Joe.

This production was made particularly memorable because of the large and supportive crew, with the students taking on more technical responsibility than ever before. Thanks to Elicia Martin for her work in supporting and training these young people. Thanks also to Year 12 student Jolie Sharpe and Year 13 student Archie-Hudson Rawlings for all of their hard work in supporting the direction of this ambitious and complicated piece. Both students have demonstrated true leadership skills and have proved inspiring to the cast of the show. Final congratulations to Miss Georgee Burn for directing such an outstanding and enjoyable piece of theatre.

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