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Sunshine and Smiles on the Netball Tour to Marbella

Year 9 student Zoe Freedman describes the Marbella Netball Tour as "an amazing tour and experience as not only did we learn many new netball skills and techniques to use in games for the netball season, but we also got to swim in the pool, go to the beach, go shopping and get up close with the dolphins!" 

Each day consisted of training for an hour and a half, which was followed by matches against two teams from Gibralta and two British teams. The games were hard work with differing results: the U14 team won two games 20-5 and 11-2 and lost two 13-22 and 15-21; the U15s lost 9-24, drew 8-8, won 8-1 and 11-3; the U16 team won 10-6, 27-9, 13-2 and 28-23. 

The girls can't wait for the next trip.

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