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Senior School Production – Coram Boy

The cast from Years 9-13 took to the stage for the Senior Production, an adaptation of the bestselling novel, ‘Coram Boy’. This follows the story of Alexander Ashbrook, a music scholar who wishes to pursue his dream of writing his own music against his father’s wishes. The production ran for three nights in the Aldenham School Theatre, brilliantly directed by Miss Charlotte Martin with support from Miss Georgee Burn and Miss Niamh Brewer.

Two of the standout performances of the evening came from Zacky Agama and Sienna Edmondson.  Zacky’s performance was particularly chilling and garnered huge praise from the audience. Special mention must also go to Azaan Iqbal as Meshak whose innocence and pain captured the sympathy of the audience from the outset.

The first half saw emotional performances by Adam Harrison-Salih and Jolie Sharpe as the young lovers, Alexander and Melissa. The two worked brilliantly together, with Adam’s beautiful singing voice shining out at poignant moments. Luca Edmondson gave a convincing and humorous performance , whilst Emma Gillespie, Maccon Forsyth, Nevada Ross, Harry Taylor and Sarah McMahon completed the Ashbrook family with energy and enthusiasm.

The second half saw some changes in the cast as the show jumped forward eight years. Daniel Calvert-Skinner and Archie Hudson-Rawlings took over the roles of Alexander and Thomas respectively, demonstrating maturity in their performances as the play took an even darker turn. Their performances were complemented by those of Ethan Hayes and Tega Ogufere as orphans at the Coram Hospital. Their heart-breaking scenes in the second half were emotionally charged as Toby struggled under the torturous treatment of Otis Gardiner.

The whole performance was supported brilliantly by the ensemble who multi-roled throughout as choir members, townspeople and other cameo roles.

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