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Science Masterclass for visiting Year 5s and 6s

The first Science Masterclass hosted by Aldenham was attended by 24 enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 students from Courtlands School, St Hilda’s and Aldenham Prep school. They thoroughly enjoyed working with new friends and being challenged to form hypotheses at the same time as revelling in the practical experiments in one of the School’s Chemistry laboratories.

During the session they thought about life as cavemen and how the discovery and extraction of metals improved early life for humans. They examined some flint and noted the advantages of metals over rocks. It was fascinating to be able to extract copper from ore using charcoal in the same way that the first metals were extracted. This they all did successfully, relishing in the challenge.

There was a real buzz as pupils left at the end of the morning, sharing their experiences and discussing what they had learned. A big Thank You to Mr Shead for putting on such a thoughtful programme.

We look forward to more Masterclasses in the future, for different subjects.

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