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Model United Nations success at Oxford University

On Friday 16th November, four Sixth Form students from Aldenham  stepped into the historic Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford University, for the opening ceremony of the Oxford Global Model United Nations Conference alongside 700 students from across the globe. Schools ranged from the more familiar Rugby and Harrow to those from further afield including Israel, India, China and Malaysia to name but a few.

They were lucky enough to hear a truly fascinating talk from the UK’s longest serving ambassador to the UN, Sir Mark Lyall Grant, who spoke of the impact of the UN and the unique challenge faced by the USA’s recent retreat from UN activities. He answered questions on future definitions of terrorism and the Israel/Palestine conflict but announced he was pleased not be asked about Brexit.

As the opening ceremony closed and the conference was officially opened, everyone made their way to the Oxford University Examination Halls to move into committees and put all the hours spent on preparation into action. Aldenham School took their seats in: ECOFIN, the Economic and Financial Committee (Michael Li representing Vietnam and Umar Shah representing Yemen), DISEC, the Disarmament and International Security Committee (Shuj Thairu representing Vietnam) and the Historical Crisis Committee – Colombian Narcoterrorism (Nick Davis representing Victor Patino Fomeque, a policeman turned drug smuggler for the Cali Cartel)

On Saturday, committee sessions resumed and they presented papers on: Water as the New Oil; Trade Wars and Trade Pacts;  Avoiding an Arms Race in the Arctic Circle; Peace on the Korean Peninsula; How to Outmanoeuvre the Medellin Cartel in order to broker a better deal for the Cali Cartel whilst avoiding long prison sentences for themselves.

By Sunday afternoon committees had worked together - learning when to collaborate and to stand up for the needs of their individual countries - in order to come to a resolution to solve the global issues in front of them; would a UN committee focused solely on identifying bodies of clean water and routes to deliver these sources to areas of need help to alleviate the financial burden of water scarcity? Perhaps a plan to assassinate President Bush and replace him with a more drug friendly president would help to end the violence of narcoterrorism?

 All four students performed outstandingly and were able to shape the direction of their committees' resolutions, but particular congratulations must go to Nick Davis who was presented with the award for ‘Outstanding Delegate’ – the first place prize within his committee and second place over all. He was also voted as the most persuasive speaker by his peers.

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