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Martineau’s House Drama Competition

The theme of this year’s competition was 'Stories from around the world'. Each House was given a story from a different country, including the UK, Nigeria, China and Poland. The students used the titles as a starting point and created their own plays based on these stories. The day served as a way of celebrating Drama and different cultures, as well as providing a team-building opportunity for Martineau's tutors and their tutees, with assistance from GCSE and A Level Drama students.

The winners of the Best play were Collier with How the Tortoise got his Crooked Shell - a creative ensemble piece which involved all students throughout and included the use of song and physical theatre. Runner up best play was awarded to Swayne for their clear retelling of Adam and the Dragon's Treasure.

The Best performer award went to Clem McQuoid, also from Swayne, for her faultless performance as the narrator of the piece. Runner up best performer was Jamie Crosby from Collier, who demonstrated enthusiasm and excellent ensemble work.

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