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Martineau’s House Drama, another winner

The boys and girls in Year 7 and 8 spent a fun day, working together as a team to create a short drama piece based on the Greek myth titles that they had been given three days earlier. Sourcing appropriate costumes and props was just part of the challenge as they rehearsed their plays with their House Tutors and Sixth Form drama students throughout the day in order to produce something special that would gain them vital points from the judges.

The judges were Head Boy Subhan Iqbal, Head Girl Sarah Dean and Drama Prae Louis Slater who agreed that the Neale production of Theseus and the Minotaur was the Best Play, with the narrator Muskaan Iqbal the Best Actor noted for her flawless characterisation. Elliott's production King Midas and his Golden Touch was praised for the clever use of costumes making them second place winners. In third place Swayne were complimented on how well they worked together on stage which made the scenes flow well in their production ofPandora's Box. Congratulations also to Ryan Hayes from Mason for good projection, giving him the runner up prize for Best Actor and Ethan Hayes from Elliott who gained third place inKing Midas and his Golden Touch. Everyone is to be complimented for the hard work and dedication they put in to make this event so entertaining.

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