Aldenham School, Founded 1597

KS3 Production

This term KS3 students have embarked on the bizarre, bold, and belly-laughing journey that is 'Gargantua.' 'Gargantua' tells the story of Hugh Mungus; a giant baby who is born into Skankton Town. Things take a turn however, when the sinister government along with four secret agents try to take the baby's DNA to create an army of giant babies in order to take over the world. Behind every sequined dress, neon aesthetic prop, mullet haircut and toe-tapping tune is a reminder that we must work together in life with compassion kindness and care, or we will all face the consequences. The students have demonstrated this throughout; working together as a professional theatre company would; supporting each other, excelling in their capabilities and demonstrating constant professionalism. 'Gargantua' gave the audience entertaining, eccentric characters, energetic 80's tunes and bucket-fulls of laughter. After such a time of worry, sadness, and isolation this production was well needed for us all. 

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