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Junior Ski trip to Austria was “amazing”.

The 47 students and staff who went on the Junior Ski trip to Austria in the Easter holidays were extremely fortunate with the weather which made for some excellent skiing conditions. This is the fifth year that Austria has been the chosen destination for this trip but next year will see not only a new country but also a change to the timing of this annual trip; look out France for the arrival of some happy and excitable Aldenham boys and girls during the Lent half-term in 2017!

As well as lots of exhilarating skiing on a variety of runs this mixed ability group, which included those who had never skied before all the way through to the advanced skiers, were kept busy with bowling, swimming, a quiz night and an evening spent watching an ice hockey match where the atmosphere was “incredible”.

Year 9 student Jemima Wax is already looking forward to next year’s trip. She said “I am very proud of myself for skiing a black (run) for the first time, something I never thought I’d be able to do…I am so happy that I went on the trip because it was an experience I will never forget and it was such an amazing way to spend my holiday.” Others will certainly agree with her.

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