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Junior Ski Trip to Austria

44 students and 6 staff departed on Saturday 15th February for Wagrain in Austria. The conditions were amazing and students enjoyed six full days of skiing, with fresh snow on the final two days. The resort allowed skiing in different areas each day, with students visiting different valleys and therefore able to experience and enjoy a wide range of terrain. Pupils of all abilities were on the trip, with the advanced skiers enjoying the terrain parks and more advanced black runs each day. The beginners made outstanding progress, having never skied before the trip they ended the week by comfortably and confidently skiing in a red run!

The hotel’s facilities were incredible, allowing students to enjoy a football tournament in the huge sports hall, as well as having fun in the hotel’s own bowling alley and trampoline park. They also enjoyed some evening activities away from the hotel, competing in a curling competition, spending an evening at a water park, and even enjoying a local ice hockey game.

Year 10 students Seb Peries and Finnlee Ferguson said it was ‘the best ski trip we have ever been on’ and we look forward to seeing our younger skiers progress on future trips.

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