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Junior House English

Tuesday afternoon from 4.00pm to 5.20pm saw the inaugural Junior House Competition with Woodrow’s and Martineau’s House teams commencing literary battle. Mr Jenkins, Miss Gaby, Miss Sherman and Miss Ferry from the English department set some difficult, demanding and deadly rounds. Students had to fight their way through identifying literary devices, crosswords, anagrams and a demanding spelling bee. This led to a brief break before final rounds on grammar, followed by a literary quiz.

There was friendly but fierce competition between all the junior Houses. Griffin were great in the spelling round, Swayne were super in the literary quiz, Mason were magnificent in Grammar, Elliott were excellent in Anagrams and Collier carefully scored well across all rounds, with HSMs Miss Brewer and Mr Dawe cheerleading their teams.

The top 3 teams were: Third place brilliant Beck! Second place noteworthy Neale! First place the fabulous, fantastic Foster.

Every team enjoyed the excellent English competition. 

Mr Chris Jenkins - Head of English

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Junior House English

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