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Inaugural House Maths Competition

This year saw the introduction of House Maths as a new Senior House competition vying for the Boothby Shield, in honour of Mr Boothby a much-loved maths teacher and Housemaster who retired recently after 31 years at Aldenham.

Each House entered a team of 8 and worked through an Individual Round, Relay, Group Round and Naboj style round. The atmosphere was one of determined teamwork. There was a shared love of maths in the room and the challenging questions were fun, but there were House point on offer and competition was fierce.

Beevor’s were the ultimate winners, followed narrowly by McGill’s and Leeman’s. Paull’s won the Senior Relay and Group rounds, Kennedy’s the Intermediate individual and Relay rounds. Special mention goes to Alistair McNeill (Year 13) who won the Individual Senior Competition and Alex Brook (Year 10) and Ben Reid (Year 9) who were joint winners of the Individual Intermediate Competition.

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