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Geographers’ expedition to Iceland

On the first night of their epic trip to Iceland the 39 GCSE Geography students were thrilled and very lucky to see the famous northern lights which were visible because of the perfect weather conditions. Kristian Bergene-Gray described the four days spent in this geology paradise as just ‘brilliant’. There were so many wonderful sights to see, not least the Black Sand Beach, notable because there is no land between it and the South Pole, but also the many beautiful waterfalls that Iceland has to offer. A visit to the sulphur pits, which were constantly bubbling and spewing out sulphur, was followed by a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon. This lagoon was originally the excess from a geothermal power plant but due to its wonderful skin benefits has become one of the best spas in the world.

On the final day the group embarked on the Golden Circle tour. This included Thingvellir National Park, which is where two tectonic plates are moving apart, allowing pupils to stand in both America and Europe at the same time. Pupils also witnessed the eruption of a geyser where a column of boiling water is shot into the air every 10 minutes. Finally there was a visit to the spectacular Gullfoss Waterfall, one of the only two stage waterfalls in Iceland.

Certainly a trip unlike any other!

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