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The Year 12 EPQ students enjoyed Tuesday morning with Dr Penny from the University of Southampton to discuss their EPQ projects. After explaining how the EPQ has been proven to correlate to better retention rates and performance whilst the student is at university, he gave the students 1-2-1 advice on how to complete their projects. Their EPQ titles / focuses are currently:

Creating two garments inspired by the Regency era.
Creating two garments inspired by the fashion of 1900 – 1920 / the Titanic.
Dance Choreography
To choreograph and stage a dance performance inspired by Madison Lynch.
To choreograph and stage a dance performance inspired by Martha Graham.
Programming and Websites
Create a program that uses machine learning to create a piece of music.
Create a website detailing human rights violations against women.
Business plan
Create a business plan for a restaurant based on the 5 taste modalities in Dubai.
Create a resource pack for carers to help their children with picky and disordered eating.
Fitness Plan
Create a fitness and meal plan suitable for a professional surfer in preparing for a surf season.
Photography Exhibition
Create a photography exhibition to promote a better understanding of mental health.
Dissertations: Football
Which theory best explains the passionate feelings of football supporters to their club?
Has the purchase of Tottenham Hotspur by Enic made it into a global super brand?
Dissertations: Mental Health
What is the most effective therapeutic method to tackle transgenerational trauma?
Is dream interpretation the most effective method of treating anxiety?
Dissertations: Crime
What made the case of Charles Manson so unique and could it happen in the future?
Would the outcome of the OJ Simpson trial be different if there was a different jury?
Dissertations: Other
What can the UN do to discourage the use of chemical weapons in modern warfare?
Is it possible for air travel to become carbon neutral in the next 50 years?
How could proving the simulation theory affect the value of human life?
Why are some babies given better chances from conception to birth than others?
How far can films produced in capitalist societies offer a critique of capitalism?

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