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Renowned Scientist delivers Thought Provoking Lecture

A select group of our science students had the chance to attend a lecture by renowned scientist, Dr Emily Grossman. Dr Grossman has a double first from Cambridge University and a PhD in cancer research. She is also an actress and singer. Currently working as a Science communicator she has appeared at many events at The Royal College of Physicians and The British Science Festival. She is best known as a resident science expert on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Discovery Channel’s How Do They Do It? and Sky1's fact-based celebrity panel-show Duck Quacks Don't Echo hosted by Lee Mack. You can see her at her youtube channel

The students were treated to a journey of scientific discovery about the ability of what we eat and therefore our intestinal bacteria and how this may influence our behaviour. The idea that helpful bacteria could be transplanted via faecal matter and its applications certainly allowed plenty of fruitful discussion.

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