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Classics students enjoy a culturally enriching visit to Greece

Aldenham Pupils from Years 11 and 12 spent time in Greece over half term, in order to enhance their Classical studies and understanding of Ancient Greek Religion and Drama.

After arriving in a warm and sunny Athens the group visited the rectangular theatre at Thorikos by the coast, followed by the awesome Temple of Poseidon which stands on the headland of Cape Sounion overlooking the Aegean from Attica. An evening meal in a traditional Greek Taverna with picturesque views of the sea rounded off the day before the group returned to the hotel in Athens.

The following day was spent in Athens, taking the Metro to “Akropoli” station to visit the Theatre of Dionysus where the famous Ancient Greek Tragedies and Comedies were performed each year during the Festival of Dionysus. They saw the Herodeon and climbed the Acropolis through the Propylaia to see the Parthenon and other temples, an absolutely spellbinding site. Here they learned more about the architecture and history of the temples. After a lunch in the Monastiraki district near the Agora, the group saw the Shrine of the Muses and headed for the excellent New Acropolis Museum which houses an amazing collection of vases, statues and friezes from the Acropolis area, including the famous Parthenon frieze. The evening after dinner involved a fun quiz to see what the pupils had learnt from the day.

The third day involved a coach trip to the Corinth canal, followed by a tour of the famous Theatre at Epidauros with its sanctuary site and stadium, dedicated to the god Asklepios, one of the most impressive sites in Greece. Back in Athens, the group had fun making live masks at the Tragedy Mask Workshop, moulding them on each other’s faces. The group took their masks with them and after dinner a further quiz and awards session finished the day. The final day involved a visit to the Agora where they saw the Stoa of Attalos and the impressive Temple of Hephaistos which gives great views of the Acropolis and Ancient Athens. After lunch and some souvenir shopping, the happy group headed to the airport for a pleasant flight back to Heathrow.

It was pleasing to note the interest and enthusiasm for the Classical world which all the pupils showed, and the friendliness and positivity of the whole group on the trip.

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