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CCF Army Field Day at Pirbright Barracks

The CCF Army Section were privileged to spend a day as guests of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards at the Elizabeth Barracks in Pirbright. The day began with a demonstration of the Battalion’s heavy weaponry; the Guardsmen showed how the mortar teams and heavy machine gun crews work with their equipment. This was particularly vivid as many of the soldiers and their equipment had seen action in recent years during tours of Afghanistan and Iraq. The Mechanical Section also demonstrated an impressive array of combat vehicles, showing their capabilities and the various uses they are needed for. The cadets certainly enjoyed checking out the vehicles, inside and out!

After lunch in the mess-hall, or “scoff” as it is known among the Guards, the cadets were instructed in drill by the Battalion’s own warrant officers. Having completed their time on duty at the Royal Palaces for 3 years, this was a true lesson by the professionals, and the cadets’ marching visibly improved. The cadets then visited the Welsh Guards’ Officers’ Mess, to hear about the regimental history, traditions and artefacts, which was followed by a visit to the Army Training Centre. 

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