Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Biologists gain experience in the field

It was a very busy weekend for the 15 A Level students who were investigating ecology at Orielton in Pembroke, Wales.

There were expeditions to observe species diversity and variation on a rocky shore at Sawdern Point. Students also visited Freshwater West to look at sand dune succession and considered conservation and management strategies for the site. At the field centre itself students extracted photosynthetic pigments isolated from the fronds of different seaweeds, estimated the population of pond snails and even managed to catch a vole using mammal traps - which was subsequently released!

We had fantastic weather that not only contributed to the vast number of species observed at the field sites, but also allowed us to enjoy a camp fire in the evening and ice-cream on the beach. The skills students practised are a vital component of the practical aspect of the course, and it was enjoyable to spend time out in the field!

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