Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Alice comes to Aldenham

The wonderful and talented cast of Martineau’s House wowed full houses with a colourful, contemporary and creative adaptation of Alice in Wonderland brilliantly directed and designed Miss Burn.

Clem McQuoid encapsulated the curious Alice perfectly as she followed the White Rabbit, portrayed brilliantly by Josh Conway-Brown, into the toy box. Her first encounter was with the hilarious twins Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, played by Max De Montule and Scott Hallett. The wise Caterpillar was played by Tom Cushion, accompanied by his segmented body! Amelia Osband’s characterisation and voice for the Duchess was exquisite and her partnership with French Cook Jamie Crosby made a very enjoyable scene.

The disappearing and reappearing bendy Cheshire Cats, Anya Savage and Alina Cofie, wowed the audience with their tricks. The famous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party saw the iconic characters of the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse. Oliver Newland and Toby Brown’s comical timing was outstanding whilst Ellie McNeill’s portrayal of the sleepy dormouse complemented this moment of the play.

The powerful and sassy King and Queen of Hearts were played by Chyna-Skye Campbell and Ola Okeowo. Chyna-Skye owned the stage and certainly threatened the playing cards, Alice and the audience alike! As Alice was marched to prison by the hilarious Gryphon James Gillespie she was introduced to the Mock Turtle brilliantly played by Gilbert Mosdal.

The hard-working and creative playing card ensemble did an excellent job completing all of the complicated set changes as well as some excellent movement sequences. Final praise and thanks go to the wonderful team who supported Miss Burn throughout the process; particularly Year 12 students Zacky Agama, Archie Hudson-Rawlings, Toni Ademuwagan, Tega Ogufere and Adam Nasir who assisted with the direction of the play.

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