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A Superb Dance Show

This year’s Dance Show was at the worst and the best time. Obviously we were rehearsing and then performing in a very challenging and uncertain situation but the wonderful Aldenham community pulled together and although the show was performed to limited audiences it was performed magnificently and gave some much needed light relief to all those who saw it. Both the performers and the audiences were able to switch off from the worries surrounding the current situation in the world and experience the joy of Dance.

Over 40 girls and boys from Year 7 to 13 performed incredibly well. They all worked really hard, some from September and others more recently, but all put a lot into the preparation and the actual shows. The Dance styles were as varied as ever and the standard very high from a group of pupils who mostly only dance in school. The dances were choreographed by Louise Gall, Kate Harrison and Jemima Loddy with the tap dances choreographed by Lauren Cattell. There were also some excellent dances choreographed by the pupils.

Some pupils were dancing on stage for the very first time so quite an achievement for them and there were others for whom it was their last dance show. For Milly Rees, it was her last of seven Dance Shows and she has been a very big part of each and every Dance Show over the past seven years.

It was a truly joyous yet emotionally charged event. A wonderful experience and a positive, happy memory created.

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